Profiling the Positions

Understanding the Spectrum of Opinion

A majority, 58%, believes consideration for consolidation should be given to towns and cities under certain circumstances.

Demography Is Not a Predictor

People who favor government consolidation do not differ in gender, age, race, or education in any meaningful way from people who do not.

There is Little Political Polarization

People who are for government consolidation are no different in their party registration from people who are opposed to the issue.

Home or Hamlet Makes Little Difference

Supporters of consolidation are no different in how they describe where they live or in how long they have lived there than opponents.

What Makes a Difference?

Proponents of government consolidation are more likely to believe there are too many local governments in New York State than are opponents.

Attitude Matters

A majority of those for or against consolidation agree that they have confidence in their town's decision-makers to do what's best for their area.

Is it Worth It?

A majority of those both for and against consolidation have heard a little or nothing at all about consolidating local governments within NYS.

Positive First Impressions

A majority of those who are against government consolidation for their local government associate a positive meaning to the term shared services.

Reasons for Support

Most proponents and opponents of consolidation are more likely to consider it if it results in improved quality of services or lower property taxes.

Reasons to Oppose

If it results in no cost savings or less access in local decision-making, even a majority of people who favor consolidation are less likely to support it.

Services Supported for Consolidation

There is consensus for some services: 61% of people who oppose consolidation for their community are not against doing so for public transportation. 

Services that Polarize

Many residents who support consolidation for their local government favor consolidating police, 66%, or fire services, 61%.

Services with Support, But Now Private

Most proponents of government consolidation and a majority of opponents agree recycling services in their community should be consolidated.