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Our View: Consolidation poll reveals varied opinions

on 04.14.11. Categories News, In the Media

Auburn Citizen

If Gov. Andrew Cuomo is going to be successful in reducing the size of government in New York, he had better use a public opinion poll on the subject as a start, rather than pointing to the data as a mandate for his mission, because one of the more striking revelations in a Marist College poll released this week on government consolidation is that a majority of New Yorkers haven’t even heard about it.
With the poll showing that 87 percent of people believe consolidation should be considered, and 68 percent giving a positive first impression to shared government services, Cuomo issued a statement Wednesday that, "The message from this survey is clear — New Yorkers support consolidation ..."

Well, it’s far from clear, and the numbers are so evenly split in some categories that many municipalities would see a 50/50 split in opinion if they tried to merge any governments or services at this point.

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