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Do New Yorkers support consolidating government? The survey says...

on 04.13.11. Categories News, In the Media

By: Steve Ference

What do New Yorkers think about consolidating services in their towns, cities and villages? A new survey shows the results in a debate that often becomes about the potential loss of local control versus taxpayer savings. Steve Ference reports.

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"We are kind of a microcosm of many other communities across the state that may be considering this right now," said Glenville Police Chief Michael Ranalli.

He was recently in the midst of a police consolidation debate in his town and the nearby village. Merger plans that, for a number of reasons, fell through.

"What any communities that are looking at this have to immediately recognize is that you have to involve the citizens and all the people involved," he said.

But, even then, it may not be so easy. A new Dyson Foundation/Marist Poll found New Yorkers are pretty divided on the question of consolidating local governments.

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