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Consolidating Government: Marist Poll of New Yorkers

on 04.14.11. Categories News, In the Media

by Thomas Belknap

This morning brings us an interesting discussion of government consolidation from Marist, who post the results of their poll: 4/12: “Striking a Balance” | Home of the Marist Poll: Pebbles and Pundits.
What this poll seems to do a good job of is testing for semantic variation: how people react to different phrases that mean the same things:

  • 68% of New Yorkers have a positive impression of the term shared services. 60% have a similar reaction to government consolidation, and 58% say the same about merged services. 52% of New Yorkers have a positive impression of regionalism. However, dissolving local government is perceived positively by 31%.
  • There is no consensus about the definition of consolidation. Half of residents describe consolidation asshared services while 44% define it as merged government.
  • Pluralities of New Yorkers expect government consolidation to decrease costs (48%) and increase efficiency (45%).

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