Profiling the Positions

Understanding the Spectrum of Opinion

Two aspects of opinion on the issue of consolidation are examined here. One aspect is the support or opposition for government consolidation for one's own local government. The second is the support or opposition to considering consolidation for towns and cities throughout the state.

understanding the spectrumWhat emerges from the comparison of these two aspects of opinion on the issue is revealing. A majority of those who favor consolidation for their own local government also support consolidation for all towns and cities in the state, 54%, and another 41% think it should be considered only under certain circumstances. Four percent think consolidation should not be considered throughout the state but despite supporting it for their own local government.

Yet, people who do not support consolidation for their own town or city do not mind considering consolidation for other localities in the state. 20% think all towns should be considered for consolidation. The majority, 58%, believes consideration for consolidation should be given to towns and cities under certain circumstances. Only 21% of opponents to consolidation in their own area think it should not be considered for any local governments in the state.

*Note: The For and Against positions represent New York State residents excluding New York City.

Which one of the following statements comes closest to your view: 


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