Getting Specific

Support, But for Some Not a Public Service

Residents generally do support consolidating services such as recycling, garbage, sewage, and drinking water. Notable proportions of New Yorkers outside of New York City rely on or pay for these services privately. 22% of residents beyond the borders of New York City have private services for recycling, and 28% use private means for garbage removal. 20% rely on wells, and 26% have a septic system.

Digging Deeper:
More than four in ten residents in the Mid-Hudson Valley, the Adirondacks, and the Finger Lakes regions use private sources for garbage removal. Nearly half of residents in the Mid-Hudson Valley rely on private means for drinking water and sewage.

Please tell me if you think your local government should or should not consolidate with a neighboring town or city for each of the following services. (*Question not asked of New York City residents.)
Presents percentage reporting "Should consolidate"


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