Study Overview

Striking a Balance PollUndertaken by The Dyson Foundation in partnership with the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion the objectives of Striking a Balance: New Yorkers Speak Out on Rightsizing Local Government are to:

  • Quantify and report New York State residents’ attitudes and opinions toward government consolidation
  • Understand the similarities and differences of opinion on the issue within and across regions of the state
  • Describe New Yorkers’ impressions of a range of local government options for cooperation from sharing of municipal services to potential dissolution of specific districts, villages, or towns Identify the reasons why some residents support consolidation and the reasons why other residents oppose it
  • Raise public awareness on the issue
  • Inform decision-makers of New Yorkers’ positions, hopes, and concerns

This report presents the findings for a survey of 4,520 New York State adult residents including about 500 residents from nine key geographic regions: the Capital Region, the Adirondacks, Western New York, the Finger Lakes, Central New York, the Mid-Hudson Valley, the Lower Hudson Valley, New York City, and Long Island.

Results are reported for the state, as a whole, and for each region.